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Crisis Intervention & Recovery Management

Whether dealing with the challenges of mental illness, substance use, or co-occurring disorders the path to recovery can be complicated. Having someone to advise you through the maze of treatment options, crisis intervention, program placement, clinical language, and effective extended care can make all the difference. Good advice at the right time can save you thousands of dollars in treatment expenses and help avoid traumatic and/or repeated treatment experiences.

Adventure Coaching

Adventure Coaching helps you connect with a deeper personal knowing through nature and its ability to create opportunities for growth and transformation. The result is often a path to clarity about the major forces and decisions in your life. We design personal adventures which challenge you at the core of your being where the messages are clear and the answers grant you certainty. Our programs are designed exclusively for you with us as your guide and reflective mirror through the experience.

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Experience Based Training & Development is an action-based learning method designed to enhanced team performance. Coupled with effective performance reflection, this approach brings learning to the table and packages it for the return to work. With relevant and applicable learning as the product of quality EBTD, the outcome is tangible results in the workplace affecting a positive measurable benefit to the organization's bottom line.

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