Helping families in crisis and needing treatment for mental health and substance use conditions.

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Weatherly & Associates is a therapeutic placement and treatment consulting firm that maintains a broad network of partners across numerous fields. We have forged strong alliances with key partners in mental health and addictions treatment, medical billing, human resources, finance, IT, business development, and experience-based training.  Our purpose is to serve as a guide in the field of behavioral health treatment and management. We help families facing the overwhelming complications involved in seeking treatment and looking for long term recovery.  We support treatment facilities and recovery programs by helping them to build strong operational systems, clinically sound program methods, and cultivate a community-based work and treatment culture.

Todd Weatherly


Todd Weatherly. M.Ed. lives in Western North Carolina just outside of Asheville with his wife, two kids, cat and two dogs, and a fleet of mountain bikes. Todd is an NC Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) and an associate member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools & Programs (NATSAP). He has been in the field of behavioral health for over 25 years as a former Executive Director and CEO and has an in depth understanding of treatment placement and program management.  

Our Expertise


Weatherly & Associates specializes in mental health and substance use treatment placement and case management. Our team has extensive experience in the treatment industry knowing the resources and pit falls of an increasingly complex field. When crisis arises it is hard for families and loved ones to know where to go and what to do. Finding the right program and managing the other complicated options that arise in crisis means having the right help at the right time. That's what we do and how we express our dedication to serving others.


"Without his help I don't know where we would be now."

"Our child had been kicked out of a treatment program and was homeless on the street. Todd went to get him personally to the hospital and into the right program. I don't know where we'd be now without his help."

- Jill, Raleigh NC

"My son is thriving now!"

"We were in a terrible situation and a program that wasn't working for our son. Todd and his team got involved and got the treatment program to respond in a way that we had just been unable to do. We are so grateful."

- Carl, Boston MA

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